Use Drafts for iOS to Add a YouTube Video to Your Fargo Blog is still somewhat difficult to use on iOS devices. This morning I saw a YouTube video I wanted to add to this blog, and I couldn't even paste text into a new node, so I had to wait until I was at a desktop computer to do so.

Which got me thinking: Since I've already written Drafts Dropbox actions on my I Miss My Mac blog, why can't I find an easy way to add a YouTube embed to my Fargo blog?

Install the Dropbox Action

If you're on your iOS device, tap on this link to import this Dropbox action into your version of Drafts. Here is the template code if you're curious:

Here are the other settings if you want to set up a Dropbox action by yourself:

  • Name: youtube2fargo

  • Path: /Apps/Fargo/

  • File: Timestamp

  • Ext: opml

  • Write: Create

How to Make It Work

In the first line of a draft, enter the video title. In the second line of the draft, enter just the string after the = sign when you copy the URL of the video.

If I want to feature "Add a feed item to Fargo," I see the URL in the address bar:

  • In the second line of the draft, I just enter 2obEqxjKCYQ

Then I go to actions and tap on "youtube2fargo"

A new OPML file will be added to the /Apps/Fargo folder in Dropbox.

In the Fargo menu, go to File > Open. You will find the new file by the timestamp. Click on it, and the file will open in a new tab. You will see just the headline (the video title).

Go to File > Get Public Link. Copy that link to your clipboard.

Go to the outline that contains your Fargo blog.

Click the + sign to create a new date, unless you've already blogged today. Highlight the date (e.g., "June 28") and then go to File > Import OPML. Paste the clipboard contents into that field and click OK.

Your new headline will be in your outline. You may have to move it (up/down/left/right) to position it so that it is the child node for today's date.

Your headline will already have all of the necessary attributes to make it an outline type; with a creation date; that is added to your RSS feed.

Customizing the Dropbox Action

I have mine set up such that the created attribute is for EDT. I've done testing and Fargo will correctly show the correct time stamp. If you live in a different time zone, you can go into the template for the Dropbox action and change it.

If you want to post the video using a different template (thread, blogpost, whatever), just change type="outline" to type="thread" or whatever.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Friday, June 28, 2013 at 10:12 AM.