If you click on the icon in the menu, you'll reach a page where you can do a google search of this blog only.

How I Did It

I used Import OPML... to add Dave Winer's default outline template into my named outline.

I then changed the "Outline" headline to "Search This Blog" and added a type=html attribute (as well as name=search).

I removed extraneous sections of the template like the rules (which show up as visible text in html) and the footer.

Went to google.com/cse to create a custom search engine for blog.jeffreykisher.com. Copied the code.

Replaced the bodytext macro in the template with the google code surrounded by div tags.

Linked the search icon to /search.


If you want the opml code, grab it here. Just make sure to swap out my search engine with your own.

Addendum (July 15): I have abandoned my original solution (which you can find here) in favor of Eric's.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Friday, July 5, 2013 at 1:58 PM.