In the Case that SmallPicture Sunsets...

Adam Curry expresses concern that his Fargo blog is not hosted on his own server. Which got me thinking: what happens if this new service I've come to love shuts down?

I know that all my data is sitting in a Dropbox folder on my computer, so I never need to worry about data portability or exporting. But now that I'm blogging to a subdomain (forwarding to, what would happen to my site?

It wouldn't be difficult to repost my content to WordPress.

  • Create a subdomain and upload WordPress to the root folder.

  • Set up a permalink structure: /yyyy/mm/dd/blogPostName

  • Import my named OPML file into a supporting web service to make it readable. It likely won't import all the attributes, but the content will still be there. Then I can copy the content for each post, paste into WordPress, and then just edit the permalink field and paste the value of the name attribute so that the URL is exactly same as it was on my Fargo blog. (For example, WordPress would by default turn "My First Blog Post" into "my-first-blog-post" not "myFirstBlogPost".)

  • I believe I would be all set. No htaccess file necessary, as all links would still go to the correct page. The only downside is that any cool outlining tricks (like collapsed nodes) would no longer function.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 2:11 PM.