I popped by Google Webmaster Tools to see how far I could get with my smallpict blog.

I first tried to verify blog.jeffreykishner.com, which I'm using as my domain (using the #domain directive). I obviously couldn't upload a file to the domain, but I was able to authenticate using my Google Analytics ID, since I have a #googleAnalyticsID directive set up. That worked.

I then found out that I can submit an RSS feed as a sitemap. I entered blog.jeffreykishner.com/rss.xml and received multiple errors because all the items in the feed link to jeffrey.smallpict.com.

So I then authenticated jeffrey.smallpict.com via Google Analytics, which again worked. And I submitted jeffrey.smallpict.com/rss.xml as my sitemap, which was accepted with only one error ("Missing XML tag").

I also set up Google Authorship, as much as I loathe linking to my Google Plus profile.

Hopefully the above actions will get this blog crawled a bit more frequently.

07/15/13; 01:41:10 PM

Sometimes I am sad for weeks, or for a day or so, or a few minutes. My emotional reaction has no bearing on one's value as a human being, or even as an artist, just on the personal impact he or she has had on me.

Some artists have a distinctive voice that speaks to me on a deep level, and when they are gone I feel a heart-rending ache. Others are actors whom I admire and who have performed in works that have been a part of my life for many years, and I am grateful for their "service" in bringing the joy of immersive TV to so many fans. And others apparently are entertainers who seem like parts of a machine, even if the entertainment experience produced by that machine has elicited strong emotions within me.

That being said, it's always sad when someone dies prematurely. I often feel like his or her best work has yet to come, and it's a shame that this potential never had the chance to realize.

  • This is all to say that I feel guilty that I don't feel very sad that Cory Monteith died.
07/15/13; 12:03:55 PM

Wouldn't it be cool if Trex could take all of the isFeedItem=true items in a named outline and use them to create a sitemap xml file, which a blogger could submit to Google Webmaster tools? I've read a few accounts from Fargo bloggers who notice that Google doesn't index smallpict blogs very often.

07/15/13; 09:48:24 AM

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