Fargo and Google Webmaster Tools

I popped by Google Webmaster Tools to see how far I could get with my smallpict blog.

I first tried to verify blog.jeffreykishner.com, which I'm using as my domain (using the #domain directive). I obviously couldn't upload a file to the domain, but I was able to authenticate using my Google Analytics ID, since I have a #googleAnalyticsID directive set up. That worked.

I then found out that I can submit an RSS feed as a sitemap. I entered blog.jeffreykishner.com/rss.xml and received multiple errors because all the items in the feed link to jeffrey.smallpict.com.

So I then authenticated jeffrey.smallpict.com via Google Analytics, which again worked. And I submitted jeffrey.smallpict.com/rss.xml as my sitemap, which was accepted with only one error ("Missing XML tag").

I also set up Google Authorship, as much as I loathe linking to my Google Plus profile.

Hopefully the above actions will get this blog crawled a bit more frequently.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Monday, July 15, 2013 at 1:41 PM.