The NYC Mayoral Race Drama

I think one can theoretically be a good mayor and "recovering from sexual compulsivity." But the lack of Anthony Weiner's integrity -- as evidenced by his consistent lies to the public (regardless of whether his denial is a "symptom" of his "disease") -- does not inspire confidence in this voter.

  • I'm not totally convinced one can apply the Addiction Model to sexually compulsive behavior, but try this thought experiment: A congressman resigns after having had some very public alcoholic "benders." He continues to have very public benders after having resigned. After he has earned his 1-year sobriety chip in AA, he runs for mayor. Would you feel comfortable voting for someone with so little sobriety under his belt?

I'm impressed by Bill de Blasio's commitment to keeping health care accessible, but his polling numbers are so far behind Weiner's and Quinn's that his success in this race seems unlikely. However, I would vote for him anyway.

I think Quinn will win the primary.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 11:58 AM.