Elysium Review

No plot summary here, just reporting that I maintain a "positive sentiment" about this movie 24 hours after viewing.

It wasn't too thrilling or creepy or funny or touching, but had enough of all these elements in just the right combination that I felt good coming out of the theater.

I've seen just about every sci-fi or comic book movie (except for Man of Steel) this summer. Iron Man left me feeling empty, Wolverine was too confusing. The highlight was Star Trek, and Elysium comes in second. I actually want to see it again, even though there were no box-in-a-box plot twists. A straightforward "fight to reach the goal" or "find what you are made of" film can be good -- it's all in the execution.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 5:03 PM.