I wrote a WordPress plugin that enables you to post an outline as an unordered list within a post or page. You can grab the code (and see attribution to Betsy Kimak, upon whose code this plugin is based) here. I just wrote it today so expect further development.

How to Install

  • Copy the gist into a text file.

  • Title it fargo2opml.php

  • Create a folder called fargo2opml

  • Drag the file into the folder

  • Compress folder as zip file

  • Install it into a self-hosted WordPress site

  • Activate the plugin

Or remove the opening and closing php tags and drop it in your functions.php file.

How to Use

In the content area of your WordPress post or page, just use this shortcode:

  • [opml url="OPML_URL"]

(Obviously, paste the URL of the OPML file between the quotes.)

I've tested this in a few blog installations, and for some the padding before the ul is absent, so all headlines are "flat," i.e., not nested. But it works in both posts and pages in the default 2013 theme.

Also if a public URL starting with https://dl.dropbox.com leads to parsing errors, paste the URL into the address bar, hit return, and use the updated URL that includes "dropboxusercontent" in the URL.

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