Speaking of Dependence on Google...

The traffic to my astrology blog has dropped precipitously in the last three days. Drilling down into my analytics, it appears that I am getting less than half the Google search traffic I was getting just this past weekend.

Yes, I am worried. The blog brings in money. But it is also seven years old. It has over 5k fans on FB, over 2.5k followers on Twitter. I have a sizable email list (that I haven't been using since I ditched Mailchimp) that I can contact if I need to. Also, I have diversified my income streams such that I am not solely dependent on pageviews (i.e., ad impressions).

Nonetheless, I feel I need to keep bringing in "new eyeballs," because only a fraction of new visitors become fans. I feel helpless, and I don't want to try to divine Google's algorithmic intentions. ("What am I doing wrong, Google? Why hast thou forsaken me?") When I feel this way, I feel more determined to reduce my dependence on search traffic, yet Google is by far the biggest referrer to my site.

If Font Awesome had an unhappy face icon, I'd insert it here.


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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 10:53 AM.