I Am a Failed Blogtrepreneur

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After I was laid off from my first full-time job in digital, I decided to focus completely on my blog. I had a nice sponsorship from a psychic company plus some Adsense income and rev-share from selling a dating ebook. The money I was taking in was not nearly enough to support my family, but I reasoned that just putting the rest of my expenses on credit cards until my blog was more profitable was worth it.

  • In retrospect, I was suffering from the delusion that I could earn an income comparable to that which I earned as a full-time employee. Instead, I just racked up debt.

I enjoyed working from home. I had company (my wife) and if I absolutely needed to get out of the basement office I could bring my laptop to the library or local cafe. I didn't have to commute or get dressed, I got to snack on food not created for consumption by Corporate America, and I had my own schedule.

Unfortunately, the psychic company eventually realized they were not getting enough bang for their buck, and pulled out, and I had to re-enter the workforce. Now I'm a full-time digital worker bee, publishing/editing my blog in my spare time.

I've reorganized my priorities on the blog such that I only do stuff that I enjoy.

  • I only work with really good writers.

  • I focus on the technical and business aspects of the blog, not the astrology.

Knowing What I'm Not

  • Although I read Fast Company and Inc., I don't think I will ever start a real business. I blog for self-expression or to share something geeky I wrote (an iOS URL scheme, an action in Drafts, a snippet of javascript or PHP).

  • I do not feel gung-ho about working full-time in Corporate America until I retire (if I'm lucky enough to work in digital that long), but I'm not sure I see what other options I have. I've done freelance work before (building WordPress sites); I've "consulted" (astrology readings); I was a psychotherapist working at fee-for-service clinics for a few years. I don't want to go back to counseling, and although I would not mind building WordPress sites for a living, I'm neither a designer nor an experienced coder, and I don't think I can truly stand out in the professional WP marketplace if I don't design themes or work on the backend (e.g., plugin development).

    • Don't get me wrong -- I'm grateful to have a job with benefits. I can pay my mortgage, feed my family, and pay for my daughter's braces.
  • Also, I'm not very good at hustling for clients, which limits my ability to thrive as a solopreneur

Knowing What I Am

  • I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades than a specialist. I can write, edit, tinker with CSS and PHP, crop and resize images, work the FTP. Basically, I can run a big blog without anybody's help.

  • If only the blog had five times the traffic, I could still work at home in my sweats.

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