How Much to Spend on Music?

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Spotify now lets users play any song on demand on tablets (like the iPad) for free, and will let smartphone users play shuffle on the songs by any single artist, or from a playlist.

I am currently paying Mog $10/month so that I can play any song on demand and download songs to my iPhone. Because I commute close to two hours per day via the subway in NYC, it's important to me to have access to music when I'm underground.

  • Although I have a large iTunes collection, there are times I don't want to spend the money to buy a song even if I have downloaded it in my Mog app for listening while I don't have an internet connection.

    • (Some songs don't last the test of time.)

With this Spotify news, I am thinking of ending my monthly Mog subscription, listening to Spotify on my iPad when I have wifi, listening to artists or playlists on shuffle on my iPhone when I have 3G, and drawing from my iTunes collection.

I need to determine if this will save me money. There are Mog downloads I listen to so much that I would feel compelled to buy the tracks or albums on iTunes for on-demand listening. Would I buy $120 worth of music if I dropped my subscription?

  • I figure if I buy less than one album per month, I will have saved money over the course of a year. The major inconvenience I anticipate is not being able to listen to any song on-demand on my iPhone while I walk from the subway to my office.

What About the Artists?

Apparently Spotify had to negotiate hard with the major labels to get this deal, to allow so much free ad-supported streaming. I have no idea how this will affect the artists. I have certainly read how paltry the dividends some musicians and songwriters have received from the steaming services. I also don't know if I care. I am willing to spend money on concert tickets to see Alter Bridge, and I am sure I will download Fortress via iTunes if I quit Mog, because it's a great album.

  • Basically, I am willing to spend money on artists if I love them but not if I like them.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 10:04 AM.