Using Launch Center Pro to Use TextExpander Snippets in TaskPaper for iOS

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TextExpander for iOS recently had to change how it works in iOS 7, and currently TaskPaper does not support snippets. According to the Google group, the team is working on it but the text editing apps (like WriteRoom) are higher priority.

I've come up with a workaround using Launch Center Pro. You can adapt this to your own needs. This action expands a TextExpander snippet within a TaskPaper search query, copies it to the clipboard, and opens my todo list in TaskPaper. If you're on your iOS device, you can tap on this link to install it.

Here is the URL of the action:


In TextExpander, I have a snippet called ddue3 that uses the following TextExpander math: %@+3D%Y-%m-%d. This expands into YYYY-MM-DD three days from today. If today is 2013-12-29, the search query is @due < 2014-01-01.

TaskPaper uses a similar URL scheme to that of Writeroom's, so to open the app to my todo list, I use the x-success parameter from x-callback-url to go to taskpaper://open/todo.taskpaper. Then I just click on the search icon and paste the clipboard contents to see any tasks that are due before New Year's Day.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Sunday, December 29, 2013 at 6:43 PM.