Working with Markdown in TaskPaper

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I've moved back to TaskPaper for iOS to manage my todos. However, I am at an office computer all day. Although I have a license for the Mac version of TaskPaper -- which I've installed on my desktop -- I cannot use Dropbox for sync at the office. Regardless, if I want to work with my todo.taskpaper file, I have to somehow get it from Dropbox and put the text file into a desktop or web app.

Recently, I've been using TextDrop -- a browser-based Dropbox text editor -- to copy the complete text file of my todo list, and then I paste the clipboard contents into Oak Outliner, which is a browser-based outliner developed by the same team that makes TaskPaper. Oak Outliner uses local storage in the browser, it does not sync. It appears to be a place where Jesse Grosjean and his team work out their ideas for Folding Text. (Also check out Mango Markdown which is to Markdown what Oak Outliner is to outlining.)

One benefit of Oak Outliner is that it supports Markdown links. If I have a task like this in TaskPaper,

- [google](

it will look like

- google

in Oak Outliner.

Working with Links in TaskPaper While on iOS

I've already shared a Launch Center Pro action to open a task that contains an URL. Here is an action that will allow you to preview a link written in Markdown, replicating the functionality of Oak Outliner. Just copy the task in TaskPaper to the clipboard, tap on the LCP action TaskPaper Markdown Preview, and it will open the text in Drafts in Markdown Preview mode. (You will also need TextTool to make this action work.)

Tap on this link while in LCP to install the action.

Here is the URL scheme:


The above action sends the clipboard contents to TextTool, which strips the tab-dash-space preceding the task. (If you don't do this, then Markdown will think you're writing code and won't translate the text into a clickable link.) Then TextTool sends the output to Drafts and performs the Markdown: Preview action.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 4:14 PM.