Schedule a Text x Minutes From Now with Due and Launch Center Pro

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Use Case: I am on the NYC Subway with no cell phone service. I recall something I want to text my wife but I won't be above ground for another 30 minutes. With this action, I can type my text message into Launch Center Pro and indicate how many minutes from now I want to send the text. At that time, Due will send me a notification. I click that my "task" is done, and the app will ask me to open an URL. The URL then "magically" opens the messaging app with the body and recipient already filled in. I just have to click Send.

How to Install This Action on Your iPhone

While on your device, click on this link to install in Launch Center Pro. Here is the URL scheme if you want to add it manually:


This action uses the minslater parameter in Due and the In-App Messaging System Action in LCP.

Thanks to Phillip Gruneich and Alex Guyot for thought-provoking Due actions.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Friday, January 10, 2014 at 12:53 PM.