Tracking Dependencies in TiddlyWiki

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I've playing around with TiddlyWiki, a single html file run on javascript that can contain an entire wiki. You don't have to upload it to a server, it works directly in the browser. TiddlyWiki5 beta includes a script for Task Management -- I'm including the full content of that "tiddler" below:

TiddlyWiki5 can be used as a simple task management system without further customisation. The idea is that tasks be tagged `task`, with those that are completed also tagged `done`. In this way it is straightforward to generate task lists.

! Outstanding tasks

<$list filter="[!has[draft.of]tag[task]!tag[done]sort[created]]">

<$checkbox tag="done"> <$link to={{!!title}}><$view field="title"/></$link></$checkbox>


! Completed tasks

<$list filter="[!has[draft.of]tag[task]tag[done]sort[created]]">

<$checkbox tag="done"> ~~<$link to={{!!title}}><$view field="title"/></$link>~~</$checkbox>


That tiddler looks like this:

If you click on the checkbox, it automatically tags the tiddler for that task as done.

Tracking Dependencies

If am am waiting for someone else to complete a task before I can complete my task, it is helpful to keep track of that in the Task Management tiddler. For example, if for Task A I am waiting for Mike to do something, I'll tag Task A with waiting:Mike.

In the script above, I've included the following:

! Waiting


<$list filter="[tag[waiting:Mike]!tag[done]]"></$list>

The above list filter logic says, "Generate a list of tiddlers that are tagged waiting:Mike but that are NOT tagged done." Once Mike has done his part and I've completed the task and marked it as done, that tiddler will no longer be in the Waiting for Mike list.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 11:15 AM.