A TiddlyWiki Filter to List Due Dates

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Yesterday I wrote about tracking dependencies in TiddlyWiki. Today, I've written another TaskManagement-related list filter to show all open tasks that have due dates, sorted by date.

To add a due date to a Tiddler, scroll to the bottom of a draft and enter due where it says "Add a new field" and then hit the Add button.

Where it says "field value," type in a date. For sorting purposes, I like to use the format YYYY-MM-DD, so today would be 2014-01-17.

In a separate Tiddler -- I use one called To Do -- enter the following filter:

! Due 

<$list filter="[has[due]!tag[done]sort[due]]">

<$link to={{!!title}}><$view field="title"/> | <$view field="due"/></$link>


In screenshot below, I show the output of this filter, provided that I have only one task that both has a field called "due" and is not tagged "done". In this case, the Tiddler is called "performance review" and the value of the due field is 2014-01-31. The generated anchor text is the Tiddler title and the value of the due field, separate by a pipe |. It links to the Tiddler.

When a task is complete, just add the "done" tag, and it will no longer show up in this list.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Friday, January 17, 2014 at 11:22 AM.