Using the Launch Center Pro URL Parameter to Launch an Action from Another App

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After reading this Twitter conversation between @welkpatrick, @epramono and @Pgruneich, I now have a deeper understanding of how launch://?url= works:

Combined with Federico Viticci's Safari Action Menu In Launch Center Pro, it's all starting to come together: I can write a Launch Center Pro action, and use it from within another app entirely, without having to have that action entered in LCP itself.

For example, I have an action in LCP to add an item and optional note to Paperless:

paperless://addItem?itemName=[prompt:Item]&itemNote=[prompt:Note]&toListNamed=[list:Choose a list|List1|List2|List3]

(You can view that URL Scheme documentation here.)

Now, if I've noted something in Drafts and later decide I want to send it to Paperless, I can just tap on the paperlessList action in the Drafts Actions menu to launch LCP with a menu of lists already open. All I have to do is tap on the list to which I want to send the task, and the task and note are imported into Paperless.

If you're in Drafts, tap on this link to import the URL Action. And here is the action itself:

launch://?url={{paperless://addItem?itemName=[[title]]&itemNote=[[body]]&toListNamed=[list:Choose a list|List1|List2|List3]}}

The first line is the task, and any additional lines (if they exist) are added in the note field.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 10:01 AM.