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The following script lets you add a Google Map to your Fargo noteblog.

With your cursor on the date headline, choose the script, and enter the following in the dialog box, in this order: Latitude, Longitude, and mapType (each separated by commas). If Latitude is South or Longitude is West, precede the value with a minus sign. The mapTypes are roadmap, satellite, hybrid, and terrain. For example: "41.0967,-73.5522,hybrid" is what I'm using for this post.

Although the attribute mapZoom is supported in Fargo, I am not including it in this script.

I don't check for errors in entry, so if there are problems, please check the instructions first. If you are still getting errors, please contact me.

Disclaimer: Dave Winer has not even written up documentation for this feature, so use "as is."

Visit the Fargo scripting page in the docs to learn how to install this script, or watch this video.

Here is the OPML for the script.

03/28/14; 11:20:56 AM

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Inspired by this LCP action by Alex Guyot, I have written a Launch Center Pro action to search queries in either the Timers or Logbook section of Due: you can install it here.

When you launch the action, you're presented with a choice between Timers or Logbook:



Then, depending on your choice, you're presented with a list of queries:



(Obviously, you will have to adapt for your own use. Yolanda cuts my hair.)

After you choose the query, Due opens with the search already completed. You can then start a timer or recycle an old reminder.

A Breakdown of the Action


Here is the full string:



Here I will URL-decode the first list item (between Timers= and the |):

launchpro://?url=due%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2Fsearch%3Fsection%3DTimers%26query%3D[list:Timers|Coffee|White rice|Collards|Freebird|Cauliflower|Chicken]   

The second list (the queries) is written as you would ordinarily compose a list in LCP. The important thing to note is that, since the Due URL scheme is not included in those brackets, it has to be URL-encoded after the launchpro://?url=:

03/25/14; 01:49:58 PM

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Inspired by this post by Phillip Gruneich, I have written the following iOS bookmarklet. If you are browsing a blog on Tumblr in a web browser, the bookmarklet will open that blog into the Tumblr for iOS app.

03/10/14; 10:36:56 AM

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