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Inspired by this LCP action by Alex Guyot, I have written a Launch Center Pro action to search queries in either the Timers or Logbook section of Due: you can install it here.

When you launch the action, you're presented with a choice between Timers or Logbook:



Then, depending on your choice, you're presented with a list of queries:



(Obviously, you will have to adapt for your own use. Yolanda cuts my hair.)

After you choose the query, Due opens with the search already completed. You can then start a timer or recycle an old reminder.

A Breakdown of the Action


Here is the full string:



Here I will URL-decode the first list item (between Timers= and the |):

launchpro://?url=due%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2Fsearch%3Fsection%3DTimers%26query%3D[list:Timers|Coffee|White rice|Collards|Freebird|Cauliflower|Chicken]   

The second list (the queries) is written as you would ordinarily compose a list in LCP. The important thing to note is that, since the Due URL scheme is not included in those brackets, it has to be URL-encoded after the launchpro://?url=:

03/25/14; 01:49:58 PM

Last built: Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 2:05 PM

By Jeffrey Kishner, Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 1:49 PM.