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Last night, my 16-year old daughter and I saw Alter Bridge live at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. At the end of the concert, my daughter said, "Everyone here is white." I looked around, and indeed she was right. I saw absolutely no one who looked of African, Latin or Asian descent until we walked out of the auditorium, when we saw one African-American teen. There were also very few women (even though there seems to be a rabid love of Myles Kennedy among women of the internets).

On the train home, I was explaining why I thought the audience primarily consisted of white (and presumably straight) men. Alter Bridge's rhythm is very straight, by which I mean it is lacking that ineffable quality in music that makes you want to shake your booty. Alter Bridge is most definitely head-banging music. I believe that African and Latin American music is more based on movement of the hips, not the head. Hence, Alter Bridge doesn't (typically) attract people of color.

As a dancer who regularly practices the Five Rhythms, I know that letting go of your head is associated with the rhythm of Chaos. However, head-banging is isolated from the rest of the body (unless one is making upper arm movements into the air with one's fist), whereas in Chaos one lets go of the head and everything else below the neck. One rarely sees the White Male moving his hips, unless he is comfortable moving out of his White Male box.

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Jeffrey Kishner is a white male, and Alter Bridge is his favorite rock band.

04/25/14; 08:50:49 AM

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Friday, April 25, 2014 at 8:50 AM.