Homelessness and the NYC Subway

Photo credit: Antonio Rosario via Creative Commons license

I live in Brooklyn and don't own a car. I like that I can travel throughout the city without one, and I feel good that my carbon footprint is smaller than that of a car owner. However, the subway can be an unpleasant experience.

Last night, someone was pissing right on the subway platform (at a column), in front of anyone who happened to be around. And this morning the smell of the subway car I entered was so offensive (a homeless person was sitting at one end) that I debated whether to change cars at the next stop even though this leg of my commute was only two stops.

I know Mayor de Blasio has a grand plan for affordable housing, and I understand that -- for a homeless person -- being "underground" is probably much safer than being on the streets. But when many people are sharing a small space, the actions (or scent) of a single person can mar everyone else's experience.

I know I have it much better than the people about which I am complaining, but I wish the city would do something about it.

End rant.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 8:31 AM.