Using Fargo as a Feed Reader

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Eric Davis has written a script to enable a user to read RSS feeds in Fargo. The script does not beautifully render the contents of the description tag, but if you want a quick-and-dirty solution, this will work. For example, if you're compiling research in an outline and only plan to check a related RSS feed when you're working in that tab, you can just update the feed there.

At bare minimum, you need a menubar.opml file. Add the following script to that outline:



This script calls a longer script. I suggest you copy this entire page to your clipboard, paste it into a new text file, title it rssReader.js, and save it somewhere in your Dropbox. Then make that file shareable and replace DOMAIN.COM/rssReader.js in the first script with that Dropbox URL. (Mine looks like

How to Use the Script

In any outline, type the name of a blog on a headline. Then all you need to do is add the RSS feed as the value of the xmlUrl attribute. You can use this script to easily add a feed:



You do not need to add the type="rss" attribute to this headline to make it work.

Then go to your scripts menubar, choose View Feed, and the items will show below the headline. If you open the headline of a title, you will see the description content for that feed. (If a publisher chooses to include the entire content of a post within the description tag, it will all be formatted as one long headline, so it is not ideal for reading, but rather for getting a sense of whether you want to read the full post at the publisher's site.)

Reading the Full Post

If I want to read the full post, I make sure the cursor is on the headline of the post title, and I view it in Instapaper without saving it, or save it to Instapaper:



Or I can just read the post in a new window:



A Keyboard Shortcut

I use a keyboard shortcut to trigger the View Feed script. If I could remember who wrote what I would provide credit, but unfortunately I don't remember -- I grabbed these ideas from one of the Fargo google groups and/or the community feed that existed when Fargo was first launched.

First, create a text file called myVerbs.js and put it in your /Apps/Fargo folder.

Put the following code in it:



(You can change jeffVerbs to daveVerbs or whatever you want as long as you use the name consistently. And make sure to replace with your shareable Dropbox URL.)

Then, in Fargo, click on your name at the top right, then choose Settings and go to the Code tab. Put this in the Startup field and hit Save:



After you reload Fargo, you should be able to have your cursor on a headline that has a feed and hit Control-E to trigger the View Feed script. (Note that this totally depends on whether there is a conflicting mapping on your computer. I use Chrome for Mac and it works for me.)

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Monday, May 19, 2014 at 3:26 PM.