"Subscribe" to OPML Lists in Fargo

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I recently showed how you can read RSS feeds in Fargo. Did you know that you can "subscribe" to complete OPML lists in Fargo as well? Feedshare.net is a place where people share their feed reading lists. If you want to see what Brent Simmons reads, go to his share page and grab his OPML link. Then go into Fargo and add this link as an include.

I just typed "Brent Simmons - Inessential" on a new headline and added the following attributes to the headline:

  • type="include"

  • url="http://ranchero.com/downloads/BrentSubscriptions.opml"

I then expand the headline to see all the feeds it includes:



and then use the "View Feed" script (outlined in my previous blog post) to read one of the feeds:


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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 9:32 AM.