Get a Direct Link to Any Note in Evernote for iOS

I take credit for none of the following (other than a few personal tweaks) -- just wanting to share this solution by Stephen May because it's so cool.

Evernote does not have much of an url scheme beyond evernote:// which is not terrible useful for productivity nerds. This solution creates a link that will bring you directly to the note of your choice. It requires Pythonista, Drafts, and Launch Center Pro.

First, you will need to grab some personal information about your Evernote account, and the only way I know how to find it is via the Mac OS X app. In the left sidebar, right-click on any note and get the note's link. At the beginning of the link, there will be a six digit string and another digit or two following an s. You will need this information for a future step.

Add the following to Pythonista. You can title it Evernote Link or whatever you like. Where it says evernote:///view/123456/s4/ you will replace the six digit string and the s4 with the information from the note link you copied from the desktop app. Where it says replace the s4 with the s.. from your original note link.

import clipboard

import sys

import webbrowser

import console

import urllib

mytext = (sys.argv[1])

head, sep, tail = mytext.rpartition('/')

parttwo = head.replace('', '')

evernoteurl = ('evernote:///view/123456/s4/' + parttwo + '/' + parttwo + '/')'drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=' + evernoteurl + '&action=Copy%20to%20Clipboard&afterSuccess=Nothing')

Then add the following action in LCP:


How to Get Your Link

Go to the Evernote app and tap on any note. Choose "Share " and then "Copy link." Then tap on the LCP action. After the script runs, the direct Evernote link will be in a new draft in Drafts, and also copied to the clipboard. If you make links clickable in Drafts and tap on the link, it will bring you right to that note in Evernote.

If you care about the privacy of your note, then tap on "Share " again and choose "Stop sharing." Your direct link will still work.

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