I recently created an IFTTT recipe to add the first url mentioned in a tweet to Instapaper if I favorite the tweet. Now I am concerned that someone will interpret my favorite as condoning the content of a tweet, whereas all it means is that I want to "read it later." A favorite is not the equivalent of a on Facebook.

07/10/14; 04:02:39 PM

The newest version of my action (import it into LCP) includes priorities A-C.

texttool://x-callback-url/transform?text=[list|clipboard=[clipboard]|prompt=[prompt-return:tasks]]&method=affix&prefix=[-list:priorities|A=%28A%29%20|B=%28B%29%20|C=%28C%29%20|none={{}}][textexpander:ddate]%20&suffix=[-list|no context={{}}|@online=%20%40online|contexts=%20%40[prompt-list( @)]][-list|no project={{}}|+Bills=%20%2BBills|projects=%20%2B[prompt-list( +)]]&scope=lines&x-success={{drafts:///create?text=[[output]]&action=todotxt}}

So now you can send something like the following to Drafts:

(A) 2014-07-10 complete task @context +project

This works with the Todo.txt command line interface and the iPhone app.

Visit the first post in this series to get the Drafts Dropbox action, and the second one for more about the contexts and projects.

07/10/14; 01:24:31 PM

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 1:24 PM.