I've added two lines of code to my River4 homepage to let me send a link in the river to Instapaper, or to read the post on a clean page using the Instapaper parsing engine.


How to Add This to Your River

After you've installed River4 (available on GitHub), you will need to grab the HTML of the index.html file in your Amazon S3 bucket. Open it in a text file, and add these two lines of code immediately after <class="actions">:

<li><a href="{{if item.permaLink}}${'http://instapaper.com/edit?url='+item.permaLink}{{else}}${'http://instapaper.com/edit?url='+item.link}{{/if}}" rel="external" target="_blank">Send to Instapaper</a><li>
<li><a href="{{if item.permaLink}}${'http://www.instapaper.com/text?u='+item.permaLink}{{else}}${'http://www.instapaper.com/text?u='+item.link}{{/if}}" rel="external" target="_blank">Instapaper Text</a></li>

Then save as index.html, upload to the root of your bucket, and make sure to grant "Everyone" permission to open/download (in Properties).

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