I've been occasionally using Workflowy simply because Fargo does not have a native iOS app, and its web app is barely serviceable: I need to close most tabs to increase responsiveness, and even with the arrow pad, writing and editing on the iPad or iPhone in Fargo is frustrating. Only Workflowy has an iOS app, and it works well.

Fargo is far-and-away a superior product on the desktop. Just a few of the things I can do in Fargo that I can't in Workflowy:

  • Publish a blog.

  • Add attributes other than _note.

  • Run scripts.

Sharing an outline is possible from both apps.

  • In Fargo, I can share the public Dropbox URL of an outline, and a reader can import that into Fargo or view it in something like Small Picture Reader.

  • In Workflowy, I can share any outline via a secret link, and even make it editable.

Both have pretty good keyboard shortcuts.

Importing and Exporting OPML

  • I can copy the full text from an OPML file in my Dropbox account (where Fargo stores outlines) and paste it into Workflowy, and Workflowy will respect the hierarchy (although not import unsupported attributes). I can also export any outline in Workflow as OPML.

  • This Fargo script allows me to import OPML into an outline:

    • add opml in dialog box (workflowy)

    • dialog.ask ("paste raw opml here", "", "", function (data) {

    • op.insertOpml (data, down);

    • });

    • Visit the Fargo scripting page in the docs to learn how to install this script, or watch this video.

    • Just paste the OPML from Workflowy into the dialog box, hit Enter, and the outline will import into your current tab in Fargo.

  • You can also just import plain text into Fargo, because the app recognizes hard tabs as child nodes.

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