Posting Multiple Sites with fargoPublisher on Heroku REDUX

Yesterday I blogged about fargoPublisher and Heroku but I got pretty much everything wrong. Thanks to clarification from Dave Winer on the Fargo2 Google group, I finally got fargoPublisher working as intended.

First, follow Dave's Heroku for Poets tutorial. I created a Heroku app, and put the domain name of that app in the CMS settings in Fargo (at the top right, where your name is), e.g., (not the real app name).

I registered the domain And created an Amazon S3 bucket called (although I think you can call the bucket whatever you want, it doesn't have to coincide with the domain name). At my domain registrar, I have a wildcard CNAME ("*") pointing to

On the Heroku dashboard for my app, under domains, it shows the name of my app. I added to it *

I have the following set up as config variables on the same settings page (minus the Amazon secret keys):

fpDataPath = /

fpDomain =

fpHostingPath = /

fpRedirect = false

fpServerPort = 80

I then created a new outline in Fargo, named it (File > Name Outline...) and added a few entries. When I put the cursor on a headline and clicked on the eye icon in the left rail, Fargo successfully opened the correct URL.

From what I understand from Dave, Heroku does all the serving of content, Amazon just stores the data.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 11:22 AM.