But Do I Need It?

Had a talk with my wife last night about the Apple event. She does not follow Apple news. She uses one of my old iPhones as an iPod Touch to play Letterpress.

I told her I wanted to upgrade to the 5s (which is a year old), and she asked, "But do you need it?"

That fact is, I don't. My 4s works fine with iOS 7. The screen isn't cracked, I can make calls, the battery life is acceptable. I don't even want new hardware, I just want a phone that will work well with iOS 8, and I fear that my 4s won't cut it. Some of the iOS 7 animation effects are already kind of sluggish on my current phone, and god knows how many apps I'd have to delete just to be able to install iOS 8 on it, given that I am constantly getting "you have no more storage left" messages.

I told her I just like to play with productivity apps, it appeals to my geeky side. But is it worth it to spend even $150 just so I can perform actions in Notification Center, or use 1Password from within a supported app?

The Next New Thing

I have a history of always buying The Next New Thing, debt be damned. After twenty years or so of adulthood, I am working on being less impetuous. My wife is from Germany, and she reminds me -- often -- that German companies make products to last, and that companies take their products back from consumers when they are no longer functioning. Here in the U.S., planned obsolescence seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Also, there is something to be said for thinking about the environment. Apple's green record is improving, but if I upgrade my phone every two years even if it is working fine, in some sense I am needlessly supporting the extraction of more precious metals, and I am probably contributing to the Chinese factory worker problem.

This is not to say that I definitely won't upgrade this Fall, but the thought of doing so doesn't sit well with me. I may wait the release of iOS 8 out, and observe how much pain1 I endure when my favorite apps integrate iOS 8-only features.

1 This is the Fear of Missing Out (FOMA) pain of a geek who enjoys using Drafts, Launch Center Pro, Pythonista, etc. How would I feel reading blogs and not being able to do what the authors outline in their URL schemes/scripts/actions?

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 9:29 AM.