Who Needs a Podcasting App?

The problem I have with most podcasting apps is that they assume I want to always download the most recent episodes of podcasts to which I am subscribed. I would prefer to only download episodes to which I actually want to listen. After getting frustrated tweaking settings in apps like Instacast and Overcast, I've resorted to the following routine:

Review the Podcasts Tab in River4

River4 shows podcast enclosures. I can quickly scan the podcasts in my river and decide what I want to listen to.



I then right click on the mp3 link and copy the link location to my clipboard.

Send the Link to My iPhone

Using the Pushbullet Chrome extension, I send the link to my iPhone. I just make sure to precede the link with a g (explanation below).



When I receive the push notification (the Pushbullet app on the iPhone is of course required), I swipe on it, and the link immediately opens to...

Download in GoodReader

GoodReader is an excellent app for downloading just about any media: mp3s, movie files, images, html files, PDFs. When an URL is preceded by a g, it tells Safari to go to GoodReader, and then GoodReader downloads the file.

This app remembers where I leave off in the middle of listening to a podcast -- although I have to hit the "Stop" button after pausing the recording -- so I can easily resume the podcast just by tapping on the filename. When I'm done, I swipe to delete.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 8:58 AM.