Switching This Fargo Blog from blogHome to Stream Template

As an experiment I am converting this blog to the stream template (which is what Dave Winer is using at Scripting). I was looking at Chris Dadswell's blog (as well as his OPML) and realized that a stream blog can still contain type="outline" posts. For example, here is the 9/25 stream and here is one of his outline posts from 9/25. The RSS feed points to the full posts so the stream template is not a disservice to readers.

All I've done as of this writing is change this blog from blogHome to stream and remove everything in my <%customStylesScripts%> in the #glossary other than my Google Analytics script.

The downside is that the stream template does not support Markdown -- which is what I've written virtually all of my outline posts in -- so many of my posts on the home page will be presented as written (i.e., not converted to HTML). If I stick to writing in HTML then this formatting error will pass over time.

I will also add a permalink at the end of each post, so that if you are reading it on the home page, you can click over to the post itself.

Want to comment? The permalink for this post is http://blog.jeffreykishner.com/2014/09/25/switchingThisFargoBlogFromBloghomeToStreamTemplate

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 2:17 PM.