In July, I showed how you can get the URL scheme for a SoundCloud user or track from an embed code so that you can open right into that track or user in the SoundCloud iOS app from a launcher like Launch Center Pro. Today I decided to automate the process for a track URL.

You can use the script here.

To get the embed code, go to a track on the desktop site (make sure it's not a playlist); click on the Share button; click on the Embed tab; and copy the code within the Code & Preview box and copy it to your clipboard. Paste it into the text area in my script, click the button, and get the URL scheme.

I have not done many test cases; I am assuming all track IDs are the same length. If this script doesn't work for you, please report in the comments section.

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10/24/14; 01:51:17 PM

Just create this URL action, title it something like Send to Drafts 4: drafts4:///create?text=[[draft]]

10/15/14; 12:35:32 PM

Yesterday I blogged about opening links from TTYtter for PERL in Lynx while running the app over SSH. This morning I decided to just run the app locally on my work computer. Due to IT restrictions, I don't have access to .profile, so I just downloaded the text file to a local directory, changed the name of the file to twitter, made it executable by typing chmod +x twitter, and went through the OAuth process. Now while in that directory I can just type ./twitter to run the app.

A benefit of running the app on my local machine is that I can open URLs in a GUI web browser. The developer suggests that MAC OS X users can /set the urlopen parameter to open %U. For work reasons, my default browser is not the browser I use for personal browsing, so I went into the text file, and changed

$urlopen ||= 'echo %U';


$urlopen ||= 'open -a "Google Chrome" %U';

Now I can just type /url followed by the thread ID, and the first link in the tweet will open in Chrome.

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10/15/14; 10:30:43 AM
I'm so glad that v4 of Drafts runs as a separate app than v3, and that they use distinct URL schemes. I can use v3 on my iPad to sync via Simperium with my iPhone (which I have not upgraded to iOS8) and still be able to play with the new iOS8-only version on my iPad.
10/15/14; 09:55:03 AM

TTYtter is a Linux command-line app for Twitter. I use it over SSH while at the office, so (as far as I can tell) I cannot open links into a GUI browser from within the app.

In TTYtter, one types /url followed by an alphanumeric string to open the first link mentioned in a tweet. By default, /url is set to echo %U which just "prints" the URL out in the terminal. This is not very useful. One can set the value by typing /set urlopen followed by the app in which one wants to view the URL. I have been typing /set urlopen lynx --accept-all-cookies %U at the beginning of every session, but this gets tiresome.

I know nothing of PERL, but I know that this app is just one big executable text file. So I just opened it in a text editor, searched for urlopen and changed

$urlopen ||= 'echo %U';


$urlopen ||= 'lynx --accept-all-cookies %U';

Now I can view the link in the Lynx browser (and without having to accept cookies each and every time) without having to set the variable again.

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10/14/14; 12:38:34 PM

I've compiled an OPML file including the RSS feeds of any blog generated by the CMS that I could find.

You can view it at

You may use this for any purpose you like. If you're a Fargo blogger and would like to be included in this OPML file, please email me.

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10/10/14; 04:48:03 PM

My WordPress blog is glitchy. Recently, every daily Pisces horoscopes has "missed schedule" and I have had to manually publish it. I keep forgetting, so I created an IFTTT recipe using the Date & Time and Pushbullet channels: Every day at 6:45am, I get a link pushed to my devices. When I swipe on the Pushbullet notification on my iPad, it opens to the admin page on WordPress for scheduled Pisces daily horoscope posts. Then I just do a Quick Edit to set today's to "Published," and go about my day.

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10/08/14; 09:30:41 AM

Dave Winer is commemorating 20 years of blogging.

He turned the comments off his blog post, so I'm sharing my appreciation here.



I've been blogging since 2001. At times I've taken it in professional directions. It got me into my current line of work as a web producer. Everything I've learned -- HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP -- I've picked up so that I could hack my own blogs.

I can honestly say that your work has improved my life. I learned Javascript just so I could take full advantage of Fargo. I publish this blog via Fargo even though it is rough around the edges, because I love writing in outlines.

I've never met you in real life, and I'm certain we've pissed each other off on mailing lists and in comments sections, but I've learned from you in these interactions that it helps a developer when a user explains a problem in as much detail as possible, so that it can be replicated. It's forced me to be more clear in my communications. And to RTFM.

I admire your devotion to the open internet, and to your championing of RSS and OPML as tools to distribute and organize information that can be shared across multiple platforms.

Lastly, I appreciate that you have been creating tools that are accessible to anyone with a Twitter account, not just to geeks. I hope your contributions live on for a very long time.

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10/07/14; 09:48:58 AM
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