Where to Linkblog?

I used to have a linkblog on a subdomain of Dave Winer's smallpict.com, and used the Fargo bookmarklet to quickly add links to my linkblog outline. Then when Dave released Radio3 I started using that bookmarklet to add links. However, even though with Radio3 I can have my own linkblog that cross-posts to Twitter and has an RSS feed, that's not on my own domain. If Dave released Radio3 on GitHub and I could run it from my own server, then I would feel I have more control over it. But for all his writing on silos, Radio3 itself is a silo. If Dave takes the site down, I lose my linkblog, even if all the links have been shared on Twitter.

So for now I'm going to share links on my regular blog. If you're reading it on the web, a shared link will be preceded by . If you're reading this in a feed reader, you'll see |link| preceding the link title.

Whether I share something here or on Twitter (or both) will be a crapshoot. Sometimes the decision is dictated by the device I am using at the time I want to share a link. I hate using Fargo.io on mobile devices, so it's easier then to just use Tweetbot. But if I'm at a desktop computer, I'll more likely share it here -- unless I am so incensed about a story that I want to share it also (or exclusively) on Twitter. I can share a headline from Fargo on Twitter using the following script, but the tweet always needs editing before I post:

Visit the Fargo scripting page in the docs to learn how to install this script, or watch this video.

So, follow me on Twitter as well!

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Monday, October 6, 2014 at 10:32 AM.