Just create this URL action, title it something like Send to Drafts 4: drafts4:///create?text=[[draft]]

10/15/14; 12:35:32 PM

Yesterday I blogged about opening links from TTYtter for PERL in Lynx while running the app over SSH. This morning I decided to just run the app locally on my work computer. Due to IT restrictions, I don't have access to .profile, so I just downloaded the text file to a local directory, changed the name of the file to twitter, made it executable by typing chmod +x twitter, and went through the OAuth process. Now while in that directory I can just type ./twitter to run the app.

A benefit of running the app on my local machine is that I can open URLs in a GUI web browser. The developer suggests that MAC OS X users can /set the urlopen parameter to open %U. For work reasons, my default browser is not the browser I use for personal browsing, so I went into the text file, and changed

$urlopen ||= 'echo %U';


$urlopen ||= 'open -a "Google Chrome" %U';

Now I can just type /url followed by the thread ID, and the first link in the tweet will open in Chrome.

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10/15/14; 10:30:43 AM
I'm so glad that v4 of Drafts runs as a separate app than v3, and that they use distinct URL schemes. I can use v3 on my iPad to sync via Simperium with my iPhone (which I have not upgraded to iOS8) and still be able to play with the new iOS8-only version on my iPad.
10/15/14; 09:55:03 AM

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