Convert an Instagram Profile URL to an Instagram URL Scheme with Drafts, Launch Center Pro, and TextTool

If you have a profile that you frequently like to visit on Instagram on your iPhone, the quickest way to get there is via an URL scheme. The IG profile for Beyonce is, but if you tap on the following URL, it will bring you straight to her profile in the app: instagram://user?username=beyonce.

I keep a list of favorite IG profiles in Drafts but you can also put these links in a launcher like Launch Center Pro.

To automate the conversion of the profile URL to the URL scheme, I have written two URL actions. To make this work, you will need Drafts, Launch Center Pro, and TextTool. (By the way, I am currently using Drafts 3. If you are using Drafts 4, then please adjust the URL action accordingly -- put a 4 after drafts.)

The LCP action is as follows. (You can install it here.)


This action splits the profile URL at the / in TextTool, so that the username ends up on the 4th line. Then the output is sent to Drafts. You can install this action or create an URL action called ig-clipboard:


This wraps line 4 of the draft in the IG URL scheme. I surround it by parens in case I want to precede it with square brackets to make it a Markdown link.

How to Make It Work

After you install these two actions, just copy an IG user profile to your clipboard, and tap on the IG-clipboard action in LCP. The conversion happens automatically, and you'll end up with the URL scheme in Drafts.

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By Jeffrey Kishner, Friday, November 21, 2014 at 3:22 PM.